Learn how businesses around the world have experienced Hiles International Consultants and their approach to continuous improvement

James Mathers

General Manager at White’s Oats

“HIC implemented a performance monitoring system using OEE which was successfully implemented within a few weeks, delivering visibility of down time and allowing us to focus on the ‘facts’ and root cause of downtime rather than speculative trouble shooting.

HIC provided consultancy on a number of other areas including advice on pack format to market fit, operational structure, mentoring of new Lead Engineer and scoping, evaluation and machine selection for potential site capital investment projects.

For me the key point of difference to a ‘normal’ consultancy is their hands on – team focussed  approach.  They bring a sense of urgency to the project and start on the floor to fully understand the people and processes involved to ensure the solutions they provided are going to add value and most importantly going to be sustained when they leave.”

Tim Mcewan

Head of Technical at Bowman Ingredients Ltd

“It was my pleasure to work with John and Annelie from Hiles International on a factory operations excellence project in Bedford.

The factory was an extrusion plant and after a successful commissioning was struggling to meet expected outputs due to scheduling, organisation and some training issues. John and Annelie were quick to help grab the helm in a supportive and positive manner that helped the factory management team develop and take responsibility themselves. It wasn’t long before the factory reached breakthrough performance under their leadership and guidance and a really sound understanding of the factories metrics came a result.

I would recommend Hiles International Consultants to any organisation that is struggling to meet output demands or has a management team that is struggling with a large project, or needs interim leadership.”