The three-phase process

Sometimes our clients will contact HIC requiring a single defined solution to a defined business issue. A period of interim management input or line commissioning might, in this case, be the optimum way to resolve the problem.

Others will have multi-layered issues or simply a raft of business objectives that they seem unable to reach within their existing structures. In this case we will generally suggest a discrete five-day (subject to your needs) measurement and analysis phase conducted by two members of the HIC team, to be followed by our formal recommendation and commitments. You can then decide whether you wish to retain us for the implementation of our proposed solutions.

In most cases, our consultancy input is structured around three key phases: measurement, evaluation and improvement.

Measurement phase:

Establishing your KPIs (key performance indicators) for implementation, training and management; OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) based.

Evaluation phase:

Reading your production and systems data and use it to drive productive decision-making.

Improvement phase:

Implementing the changes and monitoring success against the agreed KPIs.

And whilst our broad-based experience allows us to offer a raft of solutions across the whole food manufacturing industry, the following scenarios are the ones we encounter most frequently:


We’ll help you replace short-term focus with a long-term vision

This is a situation that businesses find themselves in very frequently. Focusing on the day-to-day running of the organisation seems to leave no time for effective forward-planning or the creation of a long-term vision. Hiles Consulting will help you eliminate this short-term focus in a number of ways.

  • Coach key stakeholders towards full accountability and leadership
  • Analyse and focus on meeting structures that bring results
  • Improve interdepartmental communication
  • Create an improvement-focused environment
  • Interim management



We’ll show you how to optimise your productivity whilst cutting costs and reducing wastage

Over 20 years’ experience in food manufacture has shown us that systems improvements considered ‘impossible’ or ‘unworkable’ can, with the right planning, be successfully implemented with real impact on your productivity and costs.

  • Review and find savings in raw material and packaging purchases
  • Standardisation of systems
  • Budget control
  • Interim management
  • Machine efficiencies
  • Technical standardisation
  • Restructuring



We’ll teach you how to manage any project efficiently and effectively

Hiles Consulting’s work doesn’t just involve solving specific one-off production issues that your organisation might face. We can also help you build management processes and systems that can transform the way your team makes its key decisions.

  • Design and costing
  • Technology selection
  • Commissioning
  • Process success evaluation
  • Form and lead rapid improvement teams